The Helsinki Comics Centre and the French publisher Rackham are co-publishing a French-language anthology of Finnish comics entitled “La bande dessinée  finlandaise 2013″.  The anthology is the third in a series – the previous versions were in English. This time the anthology, edited by Johanna Rojola and Kalle Hakkola, presents the work of 13 female comic book artists.

The 13 artists are Mari Ahokoivu, Maria Björklund, Terhi Ekebom, Annukka Leppänen, Hanneriina Moisseinen, Reetta Niemensivu, Tiina Pystynen, Kati Rapia, Anna Sailamaa, Tiitu Takalo, Katja Tukiainen, Riitta Uusitalo, Amanda Vähämäki

Translation from Finnish by Jean-Michel Kalmbach, Kirsi Kinnunen, Lucie Labreuille and Claire Saint-Germain.

Feuilleter le Finnish Comics annual 2013

The anthology has been published with the financial assistance of FILI – Finnish Literature Exchange.


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Pystynen: If a bird won´t sing for you, you´ll have to sing to it (WSOY 2013)



Tiina Pystynen

is a writer and a graphic artist, born in Finland in 1955. Since 1987 she has published novels, non-fiction, illustrated poems and autobiographical graphic novels for adults. 
She dwells mainly on sensual, eternal, female subjects like love, motherhood and sexuality. Pystynen deals with her subject matters with experience, wisdom and broadmindedness. She is well loved among comic and poetry readers as well as all women fiction readers who in turning points of their lives look for knowledge, joy and support in her work. 
Among her works are an autobiographical picturebooks for adults, »The Memoirs of the Queen Widow» and »The Lonely Woman´s Love Stories», about life of a family after the father´s suicide. A novel, »The Cage of Shame» is showing a psychotherapy process from a patient´s point of view.

The latest book, a graphic novel, called »If a bird won´t sing for you, you´ll have to sing to it», is a touching and hilarious story about aging and an old intimate relationship.

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Pystynen: The Lonely Woman´s Love Stories (WSOY 1997)

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Pystynen: The Memoirs of the Queen Widow

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Pystynen: Dances of Love and Desire (WSOY 2009)

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